Dimitar Tudzharov - Shkumbata has earned the acclaim as one of the best national comedians. Through his various performances worldwide he has managed to get the attention of the audience with his innovative sense of humor.
Shkumbata was one of the first bulgarians to follow the western style of one man show performance and introduce it to the bulgarian public. Apart from a comedian he is known as the best imitator of some political figures and people from the entartainment industry during the 80s.
In the period of communism his performances shed some light on peoples feelings towards this harsh regime and offered some criticism through the prism of humor. Those early performances were claimed illegal by the government but people continued to spred his humor through cassete recordings of his shows.
After the comunistic regime fell down Shkumbata continued to produce fresh and innovative humor and increased his popularity. He has contributed enourmously for the development of the entertainment industy in Bulgaria, especially in the field of comedy.

Although his major was in Engineering something completely different from the artistic field, Shkumbata felt that his real passion was on the stage. Eventually what started out as a hobby transformed into his profession. The success his performances gained encouraged Dimitar to set foor on the international stage. He has performed on 4 continents for a total of over 2000 concerts in countries such as: Marocco, Tunis, Algir, Canada, USA, England, Russia, Switzerland, Greece, Macedonia, Serbia and others.

He is a member of UBA the union of bulgarian artists. In 2004 Shkumbata became honorary member of the worlds talent organization in Los Angeles, Hollywood, USA.
In 2009 he received Masters Degree in Rhetoric, from St. Climent Ohridski university. The subject of his dissertation is very intriging: . He is also co-author of the idea and project for the creation of a Cultural Information Center for the bulgarians in the US.
His first film role is in the movie Dissonance (1981) by the director Alexander Rakovski and produced by BNT.
In 1995 his first legally issued cassete entitled First private honest illegal radio becomes reality .
In 1996 he issues a book entitled Shkumbata laughs which has been since reissued several times.
Shkumbata has had Preformances in numerous TV and radio show in almost all TV and radio stations.He has appeared on the shows: Good Morning tv show from 1996 to 1999 Oh this faces tv show, How we will catch up with the Americans tv show, Saturday late afternoon tv show and many other entertainment and holiday shows. On the National Bulgarian Radio in the course of two years he led his own rubric entitled Sundays late afternoon . Another famous radio show was Shkumbas show which he led every Sunday (1997-1998). From 1999 to 2000 Shkumbata hosted the show The hour of Shkumbata on TV7.
Shkumbata is also author of many productions some of which include: Laught till tears, Its hard but theres no other way, Life demands sacrefices-its not gonna be us, Paragraph 22.
Having all this experience in showbusiness Shkumbata hasnt stoped searching for new and interesting ways to grab the audience.
His journey into the world of humor has never stoped and this website is just another step of it. www.shkumba.com is great way to join the search even from a great distance.

You are in for a fun ride.