May 2011

Not long ago my familiy and I decided it was about time to visit one of the wonders of the world - the city of Petra. We had great fun as you can see by the picture with my friend CAMEL (on the left :D). It was pretty exciting visiting Jordan. We stayed in Aman and traveled to Petra, Jerash, Nebo, Madaba and other destinations.

It is amazing to see what those great ancient architects and builders have accomplished without the use of all this high tech we nowadays have. It makes me think what do we call progress nowadays?

Petra - incredibly beautiful fact!


When I walked on the bayside of Tel Aviv near Jafa I saw this original and interesting bar. Behind the bar on the wall someone had drawn a modern version of the Last Supper. Instead of Jesus and his disciples the picture depicted Hengels, Gorbachov, Einstein and others.
I stood behind the bar. On one side was the ancient and beautiful Jafa and on the other the modern Tel Aviv and in front of me was the most beautiful sea. I closed my eyes. I was just resting. Such moments of peace and happiness are rare and can not be bought anywhere. I was past everything - all those great people, events, last suppers and meetings the media constantly talks about. I am sick of last suppers! I am sick of great people! I am sick of meaningful events! When you look back at the history and what is going on in the present you realize there is no difference. History is repeating banal and cliched. The truth is that great things were made and are being made by ordinary people and are not planned in advance on some last suppers.

What Do Moses, Jesus, Marx, Freud, and Einstein have in common?

Those five Jewish men influenced the history of Western civilization.

Moses said the law is everything.
Jesus said love is everything.
Marx said capital is everything.
Freud said sex is everything.
Einstein said everything is relative.